Curtas Vila do Conde

A wave of shorts splashes on your screens!

Free tickets / Available until August 5th

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TorinoFilmLab presents a series of special events

Presenting a first-hand look of Eastern European cinema with three powerful stories

Free tickets / Available until August 18th

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ArteKino Film of the Month

WRONG, the wonderfully offbeat work of Quentin Dupieux

Free limited tickets / Available in 31 European countries

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Playing until 05/08
The Evil Eye - Clément Cogitore

Language: English - Subtitles: En

Playing until 05/08
Playing until 05/08
A Story From Africa - Billy Woodberry

Languages: English, Portuguese - Subtitles: En

Playing until 05/08
Morning Dew - Julie Colly

Language: French - Subtitles: En

Playing until 05/08
Sold Out
Eva Nová - Marko Škop

Language: Slovak - Subtitles: En

Playing until 18/08

What is Festival Scope?

Out of the Past

Over the last 5 years, Festival Scope has become a significant player in the film industry. Thanks to on-going agreements with film festivals worldwide, as well as our team's commitment to discovering new films and talent with a curated approach, we make independent films available on-line so that they can enjoy extra visibility and promotion.

Modern Times

Until 2015, Festival Scope was restricted to film professionals, providing a user-friendly environment to discover the latest films and projects on the festival circuit and get distribution and booking deals done. But our secret wish has always been to share our passion for independent cinema with everyone, everywhere, at any time. That time is now!

Paths of Glory

Festival Scope celebrates its 5 years by branching out in two parallel paths. Festival Scope Pro is the path for film professionals actively involved in acquisitions, programming, promotion, exhibition, distribution, production or film journalism. Festival Scope is the new platform for film lovers who want to tour the world with us in search of the best films at the best film festivals.

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