A Respectable Family

( Yek khanévadéh-e mohtaram )

Massoud Bakhshi

  • Farsi (with English subtitles); 90 min
It’s Bakhshi’s screenplay and its deft execution which are the stars of 'A Respectable Family'.
Screen Daily
Director's Fortnight Cannes
Warsaw FF
Black Pearl Award - Abu Dhabi Film Festival
Available worldwide
(Except Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Canada, Brasil)

A Respectable Family - Massoud Bakhshi

Iran, 2012, 90 min
  • Drama
  • Starring: Babak Hamidian, Mehrdad Sedighian, Mehran Ahmadi, Ahoo Kheradmand, Parivash Nazarieh
  • Production: JBA Productions / International Sales: Pyramide International

Arash is an Iranian academic who lives in the West. He returns to Iran to teach in Chiraz, a city far from Tehran where his mother lives. Drawn into a series of domestic and financial dramas, he is reminded of the hardships of his childhood at the start of the Iran-Iraq War in 1981. Following the death of his father and the discovery of what his « respectable family » has become, he is obliged to make choices.