( Jesús )

Fernando Guzzoni

  • Spanish (with English subtitles); 86 min
  • Not available in United States

Jesus - Fernando Guzzoni

France, Chile, Germany, Greece, Colombia, 2016, 86 min
  • Starring: Nicolás Durán, Alejandro Goic
  • Production: JBA Production, Rampante, Unafilm, Graal Films, Burning Blue / International Sales: Premium Films

Nothing comes easily to Santiago teen Jesús. His group has just lost the local battle of the boy bands, he can't seem to finish high school or keep track of money, and his widower father is fed up with his inertia. Uncertain what path to take, Jesús is trapped in a dead-end cycle of getting wasted with his buddies and looking for trouble.

The boys are partying in a cemetery one night when things get out of hand and they gang up on a defenceless kid, beating him badly. The next day Jesús learns that the kid's in a coma and the police are searching for those responsible. Desperate to avoid both the authorities and his friends, he has no choice but to turn to his father for help. But how far should a father be expected to go to protect a child when that child is as lost as Jesús?