( Lupu )

Bogdan Mustata

  • Romanian (with English subtitles); 77 min
Manages to get under the skin.
Sarajevo IFF
Torino FF
Available worldwide
(Except Germany)

Wolf - Bogdan Mustata

Romania, 2013, 77 min
  • Drama
  • Starring: Mihai Vasilescu, Ada Condeescu, Costel Cascaval
  • Production: Strada Film

Wolf is in love with Clara. But she is with all these other men. Wolf’s mother is with another man too. She says she is in love with him. This hurts. It makes Wolf think about his dead father. He misses him. Sometimes Wolf feels his father so close to him that it can’t be simply memories. If he was here everything would be alright. They would be together. Clara would hold Wolf and he would not be alone anymore. His mother will hold him and he will close his eyes and he will feel her smell. Finally, all of them here. So close and so far away from each other. Holding Wolf, Clara will think about some other man. Holding the father, the mother will think about her man. Everybody dreaming of somebody else. Wolf can’t find the solace he is looking for. They are all together but he can’t even be sure anymore if Clara is real or not. He feels trapped into this closed world and he has to escape.