Eternity Never Surrendered

( No sucumbió la eternidad )

Daniela Rea Gómez

  • Spanish (with English subtitles); 73 min
Award for a Feature-Length Documentary Directed by a Woman

Eternity Never Surrendered - Daniela Rea Gómez

Mexico, 2017, 73 min
  • Production: ARTEGIOS, PAN O RAMA, Fondo para la Producción Cinematográfica de Calidad (FOPROCINE - MÉXICO)

A portrait of the intimate battles of two women awaiting their missing ones. Two distant stories, that of Liliana - who lost her husband to organised crime in 2010 - and that of Alicia - whose mother disappeared to the Mexican State in the Dirty War, are shown in this documentary to showcase the conflicts of memory and the daily struggle of both women for not disappearing from life.