May Day

Fedrik De Beul Olivier Magis

  • French (with English, Italian subtitles); 21 min

May Day - Fedrik De Beul - Olivier Magis

Belgium, 2017, 21 min
  • Short Film
  • Starring: Thierry Hellin, Catherine Salée, Mathieu Debaty, Simon André, Lydia Indjova, Viktor Biserov, Tom Adjibi, Manou Tahon, Javier Lopez, Chokri Ben Chikha, Joren Seldeslachts, Bess Limani & Nourredine Zerrad ek
  • Production: Eklektik Productions / International Sales: Agence Belge du Court-metrage

Several people gather in Thierry’s living room. The air is thick with anticipation. None of them know each other, but they all have on thing in common. They are desperate for a job. Director duo Federik De Beul and Olivier Magis set up a situation which is disarming in its simplicity, and tongue-in-cheek intelligence.