Toto the Hero

( Toto le héros )

Jaco Van Dormael

  • French (with English subtitles); 90 min

Toto the Hero - Jaco Van Dormael

Belgium, 1991, 90 min
  • Feature Fiction
  • Starring: Mireille Perrier, Jo De Backer, Michel Bouquet, Thomas Godet, Sandrine Blancke, Hugo Harold Harrisson, Didier Ferney
  • Production: Iblis Films / International Sales: MK2 Films

Thomas 'Toto' Van Hasebroeck recounts the story of his life. A life full of regret, resentment, jealousy, and fantasy. Toto is convinced that he was switched at birth, and that someone else has been living his life for him ever since. Now, old Thomas Van Hasebroeck draws on the energy of young Thomas, who always dreamt that he would, one day, become Toto the hero. To avenge destiny, Toto plots to make some terrible, violent decisions… A larger-than-life Belgian classic by Jaco Van Dormael.