The Tunisia Factory - Mariam Al Ferjani, Mehdi Hamnane - Mohamed Ismail Louati; Fateme Ahmadi - Rafik Omrani; Suba Sivakumaran - Anissa Daoud; Aboozar Amini

Tunisia, France, 2018, 60 min
  • Production: DW

OMERTÀ (Mariam Al Ferjani, Mehdi Hamnane)
Donia, her brother Yahya, Ali and Ibrahim are celebrating Donia’s last night in Tunis before she leaves for studying in France. At one point, they decide to end the night on the beach and have some joints. At dawn, when they wake up one of them is missing.

BLUES S' LEILA (Mohamed Ismail Louati, Fateme Ahmadi)
Leila, mother of Youssef, a 17-year- old boy who was born with special needs, is shocked to find out she is pregnant. She decides to have an abortion without discussing her reasons with her husband. She books herself a room in a private clinic, but things turn against her on the day she wants to take action.

L'OISEAU BLEU (Rafik Omrani, Suba Sivakumaran)
One night at l’Oiseau Bleu, a famous restaurant by the sea in the suburb of Tunis. Imen, the secret but spectacular owner and her faithful Moudir; Ferid, the playboy; Tarek, the intellectual and Saber, the drum player who is waiting for a phone call… Fish couscous, music, drinks and more music…

BEST DAY EVER (Anissa Daoud, Aboozar Amini)
One house, one afternoon, one misunderstanding, four points of view.