Wild Game

( Jahiloom )

Jerónimo Sarmiento

  • Estonian (with English subtitles); 25 min

Wild Game - Jerónimo Sarmiento

Estonia, Colombia, Portugal, USA, 2019, 25 min
  • Starring: Frida Jantson-köstner, Franz Malmsten, Mardi Truus, Delta, Markkus Pulk, Ivonna-ly Pachel, Joosep Spirka
  • Production: Clear Fog Films, LotusLink Creative House

Snow falls on the majestic forests of Estonia, a small European country on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The impeccable photography of this dramatic short gives a voice to the beautiful forest where a group of young people meet every year to perform an unusual hunting ritual. Liis has turned 15 and can take part for the first time. For her, it is a chance to join the group, get close to the boy she is attracted to and sate her curiosity about what it feels like to hunt down and shoot an animal. The experience will end up putting her feelings to the test in ways she never expected, revealing a side of her she didn’t know existed.