Il Nido

Klaudia Reynicke

  • Italian (with English subtitles); 80 min
A pure style of direction that lets the pictures speak
World Premiere
Available Worldwide

Il Nido - Klaudia Reynicke

Switzerland, Italy, 2016, 80 min
  • Starring: Ondina Quadri, Fabrizio Rongione, Diego Ribon, Sonia Gessner, Giovanni Franzoni, Luigi Diberti
  • Production: Amka Films Productions / Tempesta

Cora, a 19-year-old girl, has recently returned to the place where she spent her childhood, Bucco. She is helping her father Michele, mayor of the town, to organize the celebrations for the Feast of the Virgin of Bucco, an annual event which attracts many Roman Catholic pilgrims and tourists. But the arrival of the mysterious Saverio gradually upsets the harmony of the “holy” place, unearthing a crime committed by the villagers 40 years before.