Withered Green

( Akhdar Yabes )

Mohammed Hammad

  • Arabic (with English subtitles); 72 min
Fully-fledged, emotionally rich (and also brave) feature
World Premiere
Available Worldwide

Withered Green - Mohammed Hammad

Egypt, 2016, 72 min
  • Starring: Hiba Ali, Asmaa Fawzy, Ahmed Al Aidy, Mohammed El Hajj, Mohammed Eissa, Mohammed Mokhtar, Jhone Ikram Hanna, Ahmed Hammad, Samia Hammad, Tamer Abdul Hamid , Ikram Hanna
  • Production: Film Clinic

After the death of her parents, Iman, a traditional and conservative young woman, has to take care of her younger sister, Noha. When her sibling is faced with a marriage proposal, Iman has to ask her uncles to meet the groom and his family, as customs in Arab societies require the presence of a man from the bride’s side for the marriage agreement. But Iman decides to disregard the tradition.