I Made this Movie Thinking of You

( Esta película la hice pensando en ti )

Pepe Gutiérrez

  • Spanish (with English subtitles); 66 min

I Made this Movie Thinking of You - Pepe Gutiérrez

Mexico, 2018, 66 min
  • Starring: María del Carmen García Castillo, Vicente Velázquez, Bertha Velázquez, Florencio Velázquez, Marcela Velázquez
  • Production: Los No Ricos Films, Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos

Carmen, a sixty-year-old woman, travels from Mexico City to the town where she was born after forty years of absence. There she begins to look for the traces of her father, who left her at birth, whether he is alive or dead. She wanders among distant relatives and flashes of her past. A story divided between melancholy and the luminous sky.