A Decent Woman

( Die Liebhaberin )

Lukas Valenta Rinner

  • Spanish (with English subtitles); 100 min
An intriguing originality reminiscent of the Greek New Wave.
Special Jury Award - Torino FF
Best Argentinian Director, Best New-Coming Actress - Mar del Plata IFF 

Available worldwide except in Austria, South Korea, Argentina

A Decent Woman - Lukas Valenta Rinner

Austria, South Korea, Argentina, 2016, 100 min
  • Starring: Iride Mockert, Martin Shanly, Andrea Strenitz, Mariano Sayavedra
  • Production: Nabis Filmgroup / International Sales: Figa Films

A housemaid who works in an exclusive gated community on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, embarks on a journey of sexual and mental liberation in a nudist swinger-club on the other side of the high security fence.