Out There

Takehiro Ito

  • Japanese, English, Chinese (with English subtitles); 142 min
Selected at FID Marseille

Not available in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea

Out There - Takehiro Ito

Japan, Taiwan, 2016, 142 min
  • Starring: Chun Chih Ma, Haruo Kobayashi, Ayu Kitaura, Ryuzaburo Hattori, Natsumi Seto
  • Production: Eyes Films

Tokyo. Or perhaps Taipei. OUT THERE constantly navigates between both cities, and the clues dropped by Takehiro Ito as to where the action takes place vanish just as you were about to grasp them. This is the story of a film that never happened. Ito is similar to his lead character, a director: in a suspended state, with a failed project between his hands. His film needs a new actor in order to exist again. This actor is Ma (as himself), born in Taiwan, who wanders around Tokyo on roller blades. More than for a place, he is searching for an emotion: the feeling of being home. The two men wonder how one can exist in this world. Travelling back and forth through secret gates between Tokyo and its former colony Taiwan, OUT THERE unfolds a multiple structure: in turns a documentary, a film within a film, a love story and the story of a drift. Following Edward Yang’s footsteps (the film starts from a failed documentary project on this Taiwanese director), Ito pictures the city as the first witness of its times.