The Last of Us

( Akher Wahed Fina )

Ala Eddine Slim

  • No Dialogue (with English subtitles); 94 min
An allegorical tale about the situation in North Africa.
Otros Cines
Lion of the Future - Venice Critics' Week

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The Last of Us - Ala Eddine Slim

Tunisia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, 2016, 94 min
  • Starring: Jawher Soudani, Fathi Akkari, Jihed Fourti
  • Production: Exit Productions / Inside Productions / Madbox Studios / SVP / International Sales: Still Moving

N is coming from the desert to reach the north of Africa and make an illegal crossing to Europe. Alone in Tunisia, he decides to cross the solitary sea. He steals a boat and begins his journey, but it soon sinks into the water. From that moment, N embarks in a special and unique voyage: he discovers different and infinite spaces, makes intense and fleeting encounters, and meets another altered image of himself.