Again Once Again

( De nuevo otra vez )

Romina Paula

  • Spanish, German (with English, Italian subtitles); 84 min

Again Once Again - Romina Paula

Argentina, 2019, 84 min
  • Starring: Romina Paula, Mónica Rank, Ramón Cohen, Esteban Bigliardi, Pablo Sigal, Mariana Chaud, Denise Groesman
  • Production: Varsovia Films / International Sales: Compañia de Cine

Are they getting divorced? Romina doesn't think so, but she is living temporarily with her four-year-old son Ramón at her mother’s place in Buenos Aires, while her husband is at home snowed under with work. "I don’t know if this is a holiday or whether I’m in a crisis", she says to a friend. "Both", they conclude simultaneously.

De nuevo otro vez follows Romina as she returns to her roots to rediscover who she is. After the first overwhelming years as a mother, it's as if the mist starts to rise: she's a little too old for disco parties and hanging round with twenty-somethings, but still young enough to fantasise about others. Actress Romina Paula points the camera at herself, her son and her mother in this intriguing mixture of documentary and fiction. Her debut is a fragile investigation into motherhood, femininity and growing up, with surprising reflections and refreshingly honest analyses, without prudishness.