Brunna Laboissière

  • Portuguese (with English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian subtitles); 89 min

Fabiana - Brunna Laboissière

Brazil, 2018, 89 min
  • Production: Artemísia Filmes, Sendero Filmes / International Sales: ZAG

Fabiana is a seasoned trucker who has crisscrossed and conquered the roads of Brazil for 30 years. The fact that she is transgender doesn’t seem to make any difference for her nomadic life. In many places, she can hook up with a variety of women and is in her element among the guys on the road. Now she is approaching retirement, Fabiana realises her life will change drastically. Her house, where she lives with her girlfriend when not on the road, will become her new world.

During her last journeys, documentary maker Brunna Laboissière hitches a ride. Laboissière records the endless routes through changing landscapes, films intimate phone calls Fabiana has with friends and lovers, and functions as a confidante for the tawny, self-assured Fabiana. The truck's cabin is her home, her route is paved with adventure. How do you deal with a changing life if you’re happy with the way things are?