Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Brian Follmer

  • English, Spanish (with English, Italian subtitles); 131 min

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Brian Follmer

USA, Mexico, 2019, 131 min
  • Starring: Blake Adams, Katie Booth, Geordie Kieffer, Brian Follmer, Adam Leotta, Tiburcio Nac, Katie Singleton
  • Production: Bullish Productions

On New Year’s Day, twenty-something Travis goes to Mexico in the vain hope of getting to know himself better. Back home in Los Angeles, his group of friends gradually falls apart when one of them, O’Brien, starts displaying schizophrenic tendencies. Each of them goes their own way, shown in lively chapters with Travis as the omniscient narrator in voice-over. Satirizing the world of millennials is not avoided, but neither does this ever dominate the film.

Director Brian Follmer, who plays the role of O’Brien, based this pleasing film on a real story: his own life. This loosely filmed, semi-documentary tale about YouTube fame, depression, Tinder sex, anti-consumerism and health freaks has the close group of friends as its common thread. "We love each other, even if we aren’t exactly the type to become friends", Kate tells the others. But how much space is there for others if everyone is mainly just busy with themselves?