Story of My Name

( Historia de mi nombre )

Karin Cuyul

  • Spanish (with English subtitles); 78 min

Story of My Name - Karin Cuyul

Chile, Brazil, 2019, 78 min
  • Production: Pequén Producciones / Cinestación / 3 MOINHOS / International Sales: Cinestación

Chilean documentary maker Karin Cuyul was named after Karin Eitel, a young woman who in 1987 was arrested, and questioned and tortured live on television by Pinochet’s secret police, on the eve of a referendum that brought an end to a quarter-century of terror. Almost 10 years after this shocking broadcast, the director, as a young girl, met the parents of her namesake, and they took a photo of her.

The director travels through Chile, searching for the origin of this photo, reconstructing her own past and that of her parents, about whom she uncovers hidden aspects. She films most of this odyssey from the safety of her car, supplementing this footage with memories and video. The resulting film reveals both personal and a collective aspects of a painful period of recent Chilean history.