Your Bones and Your Eyes

( Seus ossos e seus olhos )

Caetano Gotardo

  • Portuguese (with English subtitles); 118 min

Your Bones and Your Eyes - Caetano Gotardo

Brazil, 2019, 118 min
  • Starring: Caetano Gotardo, Malu Galli, Vinicius Meloni, Larissa Siqueira, Marina Tranjan, Carlota Joaquina, Carlos Escher
  • Production: Lira Cinematografica

Caetano Gotardo, whose contribution to the omnibus film Neverquiet (Film of Wonders) was screened in 2011 at IFFR, stays close to home in his second feature. He writes, directs, edits and also plays the leading role. The story is set in the Brazilian artists’ milieu.

Joao has extensive conversations with friends, strangers and himself. For instance with his best friend Irene, who cannot let go of memories of her ex; and the boy he meets in the metro, with whom he wants to have sex. Beside life and love, the creative process is a recurring theme in the conversations, in the best traditions of filmmakers like Éric Rohmer or Hong Sang-soo. Piece by piece, the encounters, conversations and monologues have a great influence on Joao, who literally wrestles with his attitude to life. A puzzle unfolds within which time, narrative, character and perspective are all jumbled up in an intriguing way.