Ela - Sketches on a Departure

( Ela - Szkice na Pożegnanie )

Oliver Adam Kusio

  • Polish, English (with English subtitles); 26 min
This intimate gesture, yet universal in scope, bears its author's experience in documentary and evokes heroines of the Dardenne brothers and Andrea Arnold. A powerful poem.
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Ela - Sketches on a Departure - Oliver Adam Kusio

Germany, 2017, 26 min
  • Starring: Karolina Romuk-Wodoracka, Bartosz Sak, Karolina Porcari, Mikołaj Trzybiński, Björn Heienbrock
  • Production: Filmuniversitat Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Ela wants to escape the tristesse of her daily life and move West, into a better life. The story of separation as a new beginning.