Speaking Tongues

( Somos Lengua )

Kyzza Terrazas

  • Spanish (with English subtitles); 83 min
A film that focuses on the use of language as a weapon of resistance in country silenced by violence.
Revista Código
Morelia IFF
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Speaking Tongues - Kyzza Terrazas

Mexico, Dominican Republic, 2016, 83 min
  • Documentary
  • Starring: Giros, Tanke, Sipo, Aczino, Manotas, Vieja Guardia: Aztec 732, Mü, Dr. Zupreeme, Sepulturero, Mc Luka, Gogo Ras, Rabia Rivera, W Krónico and family, Menuda Coincidencia, Tren Lokote and family, Alemán, Charlot, DJ Bulla, Ximbo, Jezzy P, Dayra Fyah, J
  • Production: Viento del Norte Cine

In different cities of Mexico, various groups of youngsters devote themselves to hip hop, an activity that makes them thrive. Who are the rappers of Mexico? What do they find in this culture that society doesn't offer? And how has their passion for words transformed them and helped them survive in a country with so little opportunity?