Paintings in the Dark

( Cuadros en la oscuridad )

Paula Markovitch

  • Spanish ; 80 min

Paintings in the Dark - Paula Markovitch

Mexico, 2017, 80 min
  • Starring: Alvin Astorga, Maico Pradal, Paula Fernández Mubarak, Lide Uranga
  • Production: Altamira Films / Niko Films / Romanos Films / Twins Latin Films / Universidad de la Comunicación

Marcos is a 65-year-old artist who has never been able to exhibit his paintings. He works at a gas station and has bitter thoughts about fate. One day, Luis, a 13-year-old thief, enters his house, believing it uninhabited. Luis is the only witness of Marcos’ work. A strange friendship arises between them, offering new answers about art and life.