The Drawer Boy

Arturo Perez Torres

  • English (with French, English, Spanish subtitles); 99 min

The Drawer Boy - Arturo Perez Torres

Mexico, Canada, 2017, 99 min
  • Starring: Stuart Hughes, Richard Clarkin, Jakob Ehman, Courtney Ch'ng Lancaster, Sochi Fried, Heidi Lynch, Claire Burns, Brendan McMurtry-Howlett, Paul Thompson
  • Production: Open City Works

Miles, a young theatre actor from Toronto, arrives in Huron County at the home of Angus and Morgan, two aging bachelor farmers. Miles stays with the two farmers in order to gather stories about rural life and make a play abut it. All three of their lives are irrevocably altered when art attempts to imitate life and the line between truth and fiction is crossed.