We Are Always Walking

( Siempre andamos caminando )

Dinazar Urbina Mata

  • Spanish, Chatino (with English, Spanish subtitles); 62 min

We Are Always Walking - Dinazar Urbina Mata

Mexico, 2017, 62 min
  • Starring: Julia Merino Mejía, Catalina Hernández, Alberta Cortés
  • Production: Ambulante Más Allá

WE ARE ALWAYS WALKING is a film about the trips undertaken to the coast by people of Santa Cruz Zenzontepec—a chatino municipality in Oaxaca’s Sierra Sur— in order to work, mainly, as farmers or traders. The journey to Santa Rosa de Lima, a small coastal town whose main income comes from agriculture and commerce, takes seven hours by car.
Julia, a 28 years old woman from Cofradía, Zenzontepec, was fifteen the first time she made the trip. She enjoys more living at the coast rather than at the sierra. At a very young age, Catalina migrated from Xochistlahuaca and started working as a housekeeper. Nowadays, she sells food and feels like she belongs more in Santa Rosa than her birthplace. Alberta, a 21 years old woman also from Cofradía, is a single mom who travels, carrying her baby, to work.