Mark Jenkin

  • English ; 89 min

Bait - Mark Jenkin

United Kingdom, 2019, 89 min
  • Production: Kate Byers, Linn Waite

Behind the picture postcard veneer of a Cornish fishing village trouble brews, two brothers, cove fishermen, at war with each other over how to make a living from the small family fishing boat. And sitting right in the middle is a complication; a son/nephew, a member of the next generation, a personification of compromise. When a tit for tat with incomers escalates and a prank goes horribly wrong the brothers are forced to unite and face the future together. Capturing life in a marginal community Bait explores family breakdowns, love and grief. Bait was shot in late Autumn 2017 on 16mm film using a 1970’s Bolex camera and processed using Mark’s distinct hand processing method giving a unique depth and beauty to the image.