Days of the Lake

Pandora Mouriki

  • Greek (with English subtitles);
Best Film (Habitat) - Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Days of the Lake - Pandora Mouriki

  • Production: Pandora Mouriki

We, the society of humans, are used to saying: We and Nature.
How valid is this though?
Are we perhaps one with Nature and not beside it or just opposite to it?
The documentary film Days of the Lake, which evolves around the Lake Kerkini, approaches the common route of the ecosystem and of the inhabitants of the villages near the lake.
The central person is Panagiotis Chatzigiannidis who was born, lives and works in Kerkini.
We see through his eyes, we follow his and the society’s reaction, the various faces of the lake, draining at wintertime, and filling up in spring, the birds, the plants and the trees, the people in a never-ending reunion, agonizing and beneficial too.

Fullness and loss, a thread that connects Kerkini with its people.