Greek Animal Rescue

Menelaos Karamaghiolis

  • Greek, English (with English subtitles); 65 min

Greek Animal Rescue - Menelaos Karamaghiolis

Greece, 2017, 65 min
  • Production: Pausilypon Films

​A gravely ill, abused three-legged stray dog, abandoned in an industrial desert at Aspropyrgos, a town near Athens; a London based charity whose mission is to help the neglected animals of Greece; a group of young volunteers who patrol Aspropyrgos and nurse the strays – these are the characters of the film, in a nightmarish place, a hellhole for many abandoned animals. Does the sick three-legged hound stand any chance of getting adopted, becoming healthy again and running across the fields of Essex? Why are the Greekies, the strays from Greece, so popular when it comes to being adopted abroad? With an unexpected ending, the film tries to discover whether there is any hope for the doomed dogs and for a doomed area outside Athens.