The Snake Charmer

Nina-Maria Paschalidou

  • Greek (with English subtitles); 58 min
Best Film (Youth Jury) - Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

The Snake Charmer - Nina-Maria Paschalidou

Cyprus, Greece, 2017, 58 min
  • Production: Al Jazeera International, ERT SΑ , SVT , YLE , CYBC / International Sales: Forest Troop

The Snake Charmer follows India’s leading Bollywood star Aamir Khan on his quest to change the way men treat women in India. Until recently, Khan was used to portraying macho men looking for vengeance and was part of an industry accused of encouraging sexual violence. The film follows the actor in and out of Bollywood, as he creates a groundbreaking TV show to help stop violence against women. Interviews with famous Bollywood directors and actors help to further explore the role of cinema and TV in shaping Indian society.