Nikos Ziogas

  • Greek (with English subtitles); 10 min

Spring - Nikos Ziogas

Greece, 2018, 10 min
  • Production: Nikos Ziogas

The film follows W. and M., a young lesbian couple from Syria who, after leaving their homes and families behind amidst the ongoing conflict, arrive in Greece and start a new, more promising life together. The film captures intimate moments of the two women (whose faces remain unseen and whose real names are not revealed due to privacy and security concerns), showing scenes from their everyday life in their new country. The apparent simplicity and calmness of their new surroundings stand in striking contrast with the - implicit - pain and hardships of their earlier life in Syria, where the couple was stigmatized due to religious and social prejudices and misconceptions. The decision, thus, to forsake the past and forge a new life together is ultimately a question of finding the freedom and independence the couple was denied back home by both family and society at large. By means of relaxed rhythm and subtle cinematography, the film attempts to highlight this painful -yet vastly rewarding- transition to a new stage in the life of two young women who simply wish to live freely, in harmony with both the external world and their inner self and nature: a new spring.