As I Lay Dying

( Hamchenan ke Mimordam )

Mostafa Sayari

  • Farsi (with English, Italian subtitles); 73 min

As I Lay Dying - Mostafa Sayari

Iran, 2018, 73 min
  • Orizzonti Competition
  • Starring: Nader Fallah, Elham Korda, Majid Aghakarimi, Vahid Rad, Mohammad Rabbani
  • Production: Farhang Film Tehran

To fulfill the last will of their recently departed father, three brothers, joined by their only sister, drive to a village in the middle of nowhere where he asked to be buried. The heat and the long journey make the experience unbearable, especially when the body begins to rot. This is the time for the eldest brother, exhausted and angry, to vent out the long-unspoken grudge against the youngest brother who has looked after the father for years.