Oskar Alegria

  • Spanish (with English, Italian subtitles); 122 min

Zumiriki - Oskar Alegria

Spain, 2019, 122 min
  • Orizzonti Competition

Is it possible to travel twice to the same memory? The filmmaker built a cabin on an isolated river bank, just opposite his childhood island, which had disappeared under the water after the construction of a dam. The goal was to go back to that place, which had become invisible. Only the trees of the island where he’d played stood firm in the middle of the water, like the masts of a broken toy, so the air was the only space left, the only vestige of the past to be conquered. This film is a diary of a castaway in memories; 4 months of a Walden experience in a lost paradise with two hens, a small vegetable garden and a clock that stopped forever at 11.36 and 23 seconds.