Últimas Ondas

Emmanuel Piton

  • Spanish (with English subtitles); 41 min

Últimas Ondas - Emmanuel Piton

France, 2019, 41 min
  • Production: Quilombo Films

We are somewhere in the north of Spain. After crossing a town, in the rain, at the end of a tunnel, the valley of Solana opens up. The grain and the flickering of the film add a dreamlike quality to the journey that begins in the deserted mountains. For thirty years now, the villages have been emptied of their inhabitants, who were snatched by the towns, as a shepherd tells Emmanuel Piton. Radio waves disturb the silence and the wind blows stories, such as that of a village that was destroyed using explosives to create an artificial lake, which was never to be. Alongside the stories, a visual exploration reveals traces of the past: a portrait of Franco, under cracked glass, sits next to the picture of a couple of peasants rising up from the ruins of a hovel.ÚLTIMAS ONDAS is a psychological and geographical journey into places that have gone wild, a film elegy to the beings that marked them with their indelible presence. Like the poetic prophet who predicts “The shadows whisper stories of a time that can no longer be, revealing scars in the landscape (…) Everything can recommence once more”.