Fien Troch

  • English, Dutch (with English, Italian subtitles); 103 min
  • Not available in United States

Home - Fien Troch

Belgium, 2016, 103 min
  • Starring: Sebastian Van Dun, Loïc Bellemans, Karlijn Sileghem, Mistral Guidotti, Lena Suijkerbuijk
  • Production: Prime Time / Versus Production / International Sales: Doc & Film International

HOME focuses on a group of youngsters and the adults that surround them. Both find it difficult to communicate and to understand each other’s closed-off world. Into this community of two struggling generations arrives 17-year-old Kevin. He goes to live with his aunt and his cousin Sammy, where he starts an apprenticeship as a plumber. Once in his new home, things are a little awkward at first, but Kevin does his best to be polite and nice. He establishes a bond with his aunt and Sammy. Through Sammy’s circle of friends Kevin gets to know John, who lives an unbearable situation with his single mother. Little by little, a strong friendship begins to develop between Kevin and John. As we discover that John’s situation at home becomes unbearable, Kevin feels the urge to help his new friend. Then one evening fate intervenes and questions of betrayal, trust and loyalty start to direct their daily lives more than ever.