Knife in the Clear Water

Xuebo Wang

  • Chinese (with English subtitles); 93 min
A somber elegy richly lensed like a rotating gallery of oil paintings.
New Currents Award - Busan IFF, Best Director - Marrakesh IFF

Available worldwide except in Japan, China, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Knife in the Clear Water - Xuebo Wang

China, 2016, 93 min
  • Starring: Shengcang Yang, Shengcang Yang, Jinhua Zhou, Fan Yang
  • Production: Blackfin (Beijing) Culture & Media Co. production / International Sales: Asian Shadows

In a mountain village in Ningxia, China, where the Hui people live, old man Majishan’s wife passes away, and his family decides to do a purification ceremony called Nazer, which, following the tradition of Hui people, should happen 40 days after the funeral. In order to do this, they have to kill a cow, but Majishan doesn’t want to because the cow is almost one of his family. The cow stops eating as if she understands the situation or has foreseen her death and Majishan is sad to see this.