Memory Exercises

( Ejercicios de memoria )

Paz Encina

  • Spanish (with English subtitles); 70 min
Selected at the
San Sebastián IFF & Cartagena IFF
Cinema du reel

Memory Exercises - Paz Encina

Argentina, Paraguay, France, Germany, Qatar, 2016, 70 min
  • Production: Constanza Sanz Palacios Films

Between 1954 and 1989, Paraguay suffered one of the longest dictatorships in Latin America: it lasted 35 years. Agustín Goiburú, the most important political opponent to the Stroessner regime, disappeared in 1976 in Paraná, Argentina, where he was exiled.

35 years later, Rogelio, Rolando and Jazmin, his three children, come back to the place of exile… A come back to their memory. This is how we begin an intimate memory exercise, telling the story of a whole country for the past decades.