Shingal, Where Are You?
(Kani Shingal?)
Kurdish (with English subtitles); 103 min
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2017
Special Mention (International Competition) - Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
Shingal, Where Are You? - Angelos Rallis (Director) - Hans Ulrich Gossl (Co-director)
Greece, Belgium, Austria, 2015, 103 min

Production: AR Productions / International Sales: Cargo Film & Releasing

Kani Shingal? (Shingal, where are you?) weaves together the dramatic tales of a group of Yezidis – a religious minority from Shingal in Northern Iraq – following the attempted genocide by ISIS, the destruction of the Yezidi homeland and the kidnapping of 3,000 Yezidi women.
Set in an abandoned coal mine on the borders of Turkey, Syria and Iraq the fleeing Yezidis try to make sense of the disaster that has befallen them. Central to this story is the Havind family as they struggle to rescue their daughter, Viyan. Through the help of intermediaries, they attempt to negotiate her release from ISIS in exchange for ransom.
Told in raw cinematography from the parallel perspective of three generations of Yezidis, Kani Shingal? is a cinematic exploration of loss and recollection of Yezidi identity, once more threatened by the tumultuous geopolitics engulfing their homeland.

Angelos Rallis (Director)
Angelos Rallis (Director)

Angelos Rallis is a filmmaker and photographer who started his career as a theatre play director for the Greek National Television and Athens University. He then moved to UK to do research in visual sociology in the Centre for Urban and Community Research. His work focuses on a broad spectrum of topics that address urgent current affairs, social and anthropological issues. He is the director and cinematographer of the award-winning documentary film A PLACE FOR EVERYONE (2014).

Hans Ulrich Gossl (Co-director)
Hans Ulrich Gossl (Co-director)

Hans Ulrich Gössl is an Austrian national who studied communication science and international politics. He worked as a researcher on the audiovisual representation of the Shoah for the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service as well as a communication specialist and audiovisual producer in Italy, Spain and Belgium. Since 2015 he works for the humanitarian aid department of the European Commission on the crisis of the refugees from Syria and Iraq. He is the co-director and executive producer of A PLACE OF EVERYONE (2014).