Suffering of Ninko

Niwatsukino Norihiro

  • Japanese (with English subtitles); 70 min
Beautiful and bawdy.
Selected at the Busan IFF / TOKYO FILMeX

Available worldwide except in Japan

Suffering of Ninko - Niwatsukino Norihiro

Japan, 2016, 70 min
  • Starring: Masato Tsujioka, Miho Wakabayashi, Hideta Iwahashi, Yukino Arimoto, Chris Kato, Hitoshi Murakami
  • Production: Norihiro Iwatsukino / Katsuyuki Takemoto / International Sales: Asian Shadows

Ninko is a virtuous Buddhist monk who’s embarrassed to discover that he’s irresistible to many women (and some men). After a particularly troubling encounter with a masked woman, he undertakes a journey to "purify" himself, hoping that this will equip him to rebuff sexual advances. He meets the samurai Kanzo and hears of a village decimated by the rapacious mountain goddess Yama-onna, who kills men to absorb their energy. Finally Ninko has a quest to fulfil.