Suffering of Ninko
Japanese (with English subtitles); 70 min
"Beautiful and bawdy."
Selected at the Busan IFF / TOKYO FILMeX

Available worldwide except in Japan
Suffering of Ninko - Niwatsukino Norihiro
Japan, 2016, 70 min

Starring: Masato Tsujioka, Miho Wakabayashi, Hideta Iwahashi, Yukino Arimoto, Chris Kato, Hitoshi Murakami

Production: Norihiro Iwatsukino / Katsuyuki Takemoto/International Sales: Asian Shadows

Ninko is a virtuous Buddhist monk who’s embarrassed to discover that he’s irresistible to many women (and some men). After a particularly troubling encounter with a masked woman, he undertakes a journey to "purify" himself, hoping that this will equip him to rebuff sexual advances. He meets the samurai Kanzo and hears of a village decimated by the rapacious mountain goddess Yama-onna, who kills men to absorb their energy. Finally Ninko has a quest to fulfil.

Niwatsukino Norihiro
Niwatsukino Norihiro

Niwatsukino Norihiro picked up filmmaking while studying design at the Kyushu Institute of Design in Fukuoka. After completing his graduate studies, he began working as a screenwriter and director in Tokyo working on music videos, short films and animations. His filmography includes STRABERRY JAM (2010) and ONIZUSHI (2016). SUFFERING OF NINKO (2016), his first feature film, was selected at the Busan IFF.