The Great Utopia
Greek (with English subtitles); 90 min
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2017
The Great Utopia - Fotos Lamprinos
Greece, 2017, 90 min

Production: View Master Films

​1917-1933. The Bolshevik Revolution – Holodomor. The greatest Utopia mankind has ever known. An Utopia that shocked the world and was buried in mass graves along with millions of victims. The film narrates the global influence of the Revolution, the establishment of dozens of Communist Parties, the hopes created in millions of people around the world and this so full of promise yet tragic course of “The Great Utopia.” The film is a tribute to the centenary of the October Revolution (1917-2017)

Fotos Lamprinos
Fotos Lamprinos

Fotos Lamprinos studied film in Moscow (1965-1970) in the laboratory of Michael Romm. He has made the films 100 HOURS IN MAY (1964), VISIT GREECE (1970), ARIS VELOUHIOTIS, THE DILEMMA (1981), DOXOBUS (1987), BIRTHDAY PARTY, OR... A SILENT STORY OF THE BALKANS (1995) and CAPTAIN KEMAL (2008). His latest film is THE GREAT UTOPIA (2016).