We All Love the Seashore

( Tout le Monde Aime le Bord de la Mer )

Keina Espiñeira

  • French (with English subtitles); 17 min

New Directors/New Films

Only available in USA
International Film Festival Rotterdam

We All Love the Seashore - Keina Espiñeira

Spain, 2016, 17 min
  • Docufiction
  • Starring: Boubacar Barry, Mohamed Diakité, Aliou Diallo, Abdoulaye Diouma, Diallo Ziago, Julien Tiabou, Zackaria Diallo, Alhoussein Diallo, Patrice Alaga
  • Production: El Viaje Films

A group of men are waiting at the fringes of a coastal woodland for the journey to Europe, in limbo between time and place. A flim is shot there with the men playing themselves. Fiction and documentary constantly intertwine. Myths from the colonial past collide with dreams of a better future. The landscape changes and where they are is no longer their motherland. There are no beautiful beaches, the water is not transparent, is not clear. Memory survives as an echo from the distance of those who call them.