Technical Details & Requirements

Festival Scope uses HTTP Live Streaming and Flash Player. All films are encoded using the codec H264 and in various bitrates, including HD to assure the best possible quality. Picture quality may vary depending on the source we receive from rights holders to encode films. Please consider that we always use the best available material.

Please make sure your computer meets the system requirements:

  • At least 2 GB RAM
  • At least 2 Ghz processing power

The following recommendations can also improve your system's potential to view the films:

  • Shut down all other programs
  • Try using the Google Chrome browser (which uses less resources)

We use Flash to guarantee a better cross-browser experience and for security reasons. Don't forget to make sure you have an up-to-date version of Flash installed (if you don't have one, you can download it for free here). Because of this, Festival Scope is not fully compatible with iPad and Android devices. In order to watch films with an iPad you can try to download the Photon app (or similar apps which allows Adobe Flash viewing on mobile devices) from the App Store or Google Play. We are however working on a specific iPad app, so bear with us for the full iPad experience!

If you wish to watch films on your TV or by using a video projector you need a PC-to-TV or PC-to-projector cable. You can also connect using Apple TV (as long as you have the latest OS system installed on Mac), ChromeCast or a similar device.

For any further questions please refer to the FAQ or get in touch with us here.