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Phie Ambo 2021 1h 38m


In the spring of 2019 thousands of young Danes took to the streets. they ditched school to demonstrate for the climate, they mobilized their parents and grandparents and demanded climate action now! when the national election came later that year, it was evident that the climate needed to be a central part of the political agenda to win. now, it is time for the new government to put action behind their words. is it possible for the politicians, citizens, and the industry to collaborate and make Denmark a green pioneer country – or will the ambitions fade as reality shows its ugly head?

Director’s bio

Born 6 December 1973 (Anne-Sophie Ambo Nielsen). Phie Ambo graduated as documentary director from the National Film School of Denmark in 2003. Ambo belongs to the poetic and personal documentary tradition, and she has dealt with major issues such as family relationships, love, creative processes, artificial intelligence, sustainability, and consciousness. One of her trademarks is the universal human story that comes close to the characters and gives them room to express themselves.

Ambo has directed a number of award-winning films, including ‘FAMILY’ (2001), ‘GAMBLER’ (2006) and ‘GOOD THINGS AWAIT’ (2014) as well as the trilogy ‘MECHANICAL LOVE’ (2007), ‘FREE THE MIND’ (2012) and ‘WHEN YOU LOOK AWAY’ (2017) about the relationship between science and human existence.


Phie Ambo



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Hansen & Pedersen


Phie Ambo

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Phie Ambo



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