“Asato Watanabe directs this absurdist, no-budget film which approaches its subject from a completely different angle to most other films. Instead of using a calmly melancholic tone to match its sombre subject, Watanabe presents displays of realism and surrealism, scattered spasmodically with absurdist comedy. The sound design is particularly striking….The film regularly spasms into surreal interludes that represent the protagonist’s own fractured psyche, but there is solace to be had in this peculiar world.” - George Chadwick, Raindance Film Festival

North American Premiere


After the suicide of his classmate, Tatsumi shuts himself off from his family and friends until one day he decides to break away and start running; and he wanders the streets without a job or a home. After a particularly absurd sequence of events, he meets the eccentric Tsuchiro, an older man with his own inner battles. The two strike up a bizarre friendship, and Tatsumi finds what could be described as a substitute family in this strange, surreal world of suburban Japan including Tsuchiro, a barmaid, a dancer, and a hapless police officer.

About the director:

Asato Watanabe

Born in 1994 in Osaka. After studying at Osaka University of Arts, he studied filmmaking under Kazuki Omori. His University Graduation production A DOBUGAWA DREAM of which he served as director, screenwriter and editor, became his first feature film. He is currently studying at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Film Studies.

Filmmaker’s Talk” in response to our virtual moderator’s questions is included at the end of the movie. Don’t miss it!

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Yuwa Kitagaki, Takahiro Fujita, Tatsuo Kasano, Kinami Mizuki


Asato Watanabe

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