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After meeting at a party, Isaac and Ava spend the night walking in the cold Parisian winter and fall in love without even realizing it. But Ava has to go to Brazil the next day. As he waits for her alone, Isaac learns that Ava’s plane has gone missing.

About the directors

Pablo Cotten has a degree in Public Affairs with a specialization in culture from Sciences Po Paris and a Master in philosophy at the Sorbonne. At the same time, he is currently completing an internship at the editorial office of the cultural programme Boomerang, on France Inter. First, he combined his literary studies in hypokhâgne/khâgne at Henri IV with his passion for music in a band of which he is the guitarist and singer, called The Jools, which released several EPs between 2012 and 2016, he progressively redirects himself towards cinema. Collaborating with Joseph Rozé, a neighbour and friend since childhood, he first wrote the feature film Midi en Italie, currently in development. Then, continuing this collaboration, they wrote, directed and produced and produced their first short film together, A Questo Punto, in 2020, starring Andranic Manet and Edwina Zajdermann in the lead roles. The film is co-produced with Tabo Tabo. They are currently a third collaboration by currently developing Quand on aime, il faut partir, a short film which is scheduled to shoot in June 2021.
Joseph Rozé studied literature in high school, followed by two years of hypokhâgne/khâgne at the lycée Claude Monet. At the same time, he studied Dramatic Art at the Conservatoire du 5ème arrondissement of Paris, and courses in Literature and Cinema at the Sorbonne in his 3rd year of Licence. After several years of study, he devoted himself to cinema. He collaborated with Pablo Cotten, with whom he wrote a feature film entitled Midi en Italie, currently in development. He then wrote, produced and directed a short film, A Questo Punto in 2020. This film is co-produced with Tabo Tabo, and announced the first project of his production company, which he created in 2020 with Leïla Carpentier: Positif Production. His work with Pablo Cotten is currently giving life to a third collaboration by developing Quand on aime, il faut partir, a short film which is scheduled to be shot in June 2021. At the same time, he has discovered a passion for music, and gives it a major place in his cinematographic productions. For several years he has been playing the trumpet and is currently developing and is currently developing a short film, as writer and director, entitled “Improvisation”, produced by Ad Vitam Court.


Joseph Rozé, Pablo Cotten



Director of Photography

Tara Jay Bangalter


Camille Bordes-Resnais, Alexandre Westphal, Benoît Gargonne


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