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This is the story of a lonely and young Syrian immigrant’s first year outside his small country in a metropolitan city, Istanbul. Through a collection of images and sounds, the film exhibits what he faces, the pictures that he sees, the crowded thoughts in his head, and the state of shock that he lives throughout this year.

About the director

Malaz Usta was born in 1992 in Damascus. He moved to Turkey in 2016. In 2014 he started working as a graphic designer and film editor. In 2018 he started studying Radio, TV and Cinema at the Faculty of Communication in Marmara University. He also started studying a second major in Film Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Marmara University.


Malaz Usta




Malaz Usta, Mehmet Öztürk

Director of Photography

Malaz Usta


Malaz Usta