Available in Kenya and Somalia only


• Los Angeles, United States, Finalist Narrative International - Student Academy Award 2021
• Winner Production Award - Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival 2021
• Nomination Short Plus Award - Fünf Seen Film Festival 2021


Kenya, Africa. SUSANNE (41), EEAS Special Representative African Horn (EUSR), is on her way to a village that recently became the victim of a terrorist attack, with a convoy of press representatives under military escort. While the reporters’ Cameras click in the background, she makes promises to the desperate people of the village. After all, they are here to help and defend European values. ZOLA (26), her dedicated interpreter, quickly realizes that Susanne’s phrases will not be followed by real action. When she confronts Susanne later on their way back, the two woman have an argument. Whilst they’re driving, one of the convoy’s cars hits a child, but instead of providing first aid, the convoy continues uninterrupted. The security concept does not allow the convoy to stop and help the child. At first Susanne doesn’t notice the incident, but when Zola vehemently draws her attention, Susanne forces the convoy to stop. After a discussion with the commander, Susanne struggles with a decision, but Zola talks to her conscience. Susanne realizes that if she really believes in the values she has just sold, she has to act against the order to go on. She turns against the commander and demands that the convoy turns around to help. Back in the village, Susanne and Zola leave the safe space of their car against an immediate order. There’s no warm welcome, like before. They are hit with desperate insults and accusations. Both women trie to appease the villagers and find the child. Finally, an elder women accompanies Susanne to the child’s house. Zola meanwhile gets caught up in discussion with the villagers. But with every step Susanne realizes that this accident has not ended well. She takes all her courage together and knocks on the door of the parents’ house. The desperate and angry parents ask her to leave, but Susanne doesn’t understand what’s being said. When she wants to turn away again, after she gave delivered her official condolences, the boys father asks her to enter. She has to see with her own eyes what she’s done. This time she doesn’t get away so easily! Susanne suddenly finds herself in the midst of the grieving extended family. She sees the corps and does not know how to act. Out of excessive strain she approaches the child. Suddenly the mother gets in her way. Susanne can’t stand her look. Full of guilt, she breaks down. Finally she asks for the child’s name. Surprised by this sincere grief, the parents finally step aside. The child is called ADISA. Gratefully and with great respect, Susanne approaches Adisa’s body to say goodbye. Later at the consulate Susanne has to go back to routine and immediately to the next appointment. But this time she do not follow the schedule and takes a little time to pay tribute to ADISA.

About the director

After several years as a best boy and gaffer in the industry Simon improved his directing skills at the University of Television and Film in Munich. Since then he directed several short films and commercials. He is known for his craft in working with actors and his ability to combine creativity and technology to tell heartwarming and strong stories.


Simon Denda


Germany, Kenya

Director of Photography

Holger Jungnickel


Victoria Mayer, Jackline Wanjiku, Götz Otto, Robert Agengo


Wenzel Steinmetz