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Cyprian Hercka 2023 9m

Available worldwide (Except in Switzerland)


The hunter on the prowl. A stag in a scope. A fnger on the trigger. But then – a crack. A smack from a faceless hooded fgure. A knock out and darkness. After an indefnite time the hunter wakes up deep in the forest. But not only does he not know what happened - he is completely naked. Frightened and confused, he stumbles through the forest until he meets another man. He too - naked. From there everything will be different and is certainly not what you would expect.

About the director

Cyprian Hercka

Cyprian Hercka is born 1978 in Katowice. Has lived in Germany since 1982. As son of an artist couple, Cyprian seemed to have the creative gene in his cradle. Legend has it that he was already painting on the chair in his father’s studio at the age of 2. Fact is that at the age of 10 he was able to invite to his first solo exhibition at the Leopold Hoesch Museum in Dueren, Germany. At 13 and with his frst VHS camera, he discovered his love of film. Suddenly he could bring stories, pictures and sculptures to life in a much larger space than on paper. And to this day, after 20 years in the industry and countless commercials, music videos and flm projects, Cyprian still draws on these roots and also likes to use his experience and skills as a visual artist, storyboard and 2D artist, art director in pre- and post-production. Cyprian creates worlds - without a god complex. As a creative. As a director.


Cyprian Hercka


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