This movie is

A delicate film about facing the loss of a loved one.


Iris has just lost her grandmother, with whom she had a very strong connection. Sorrow is moving her away from her dearest people, especially her parents and her partner, Lea. She is overwhelmed by her feelings and will only be able to rely on her grandfather and her music to start the mourning process.

The film is made by children of the Institut Moisès Broggi (Barcelona) involved the film education international project ‘Cinema en curs’ (Film Education: Growing Up With Cinema focus)

‘Cinema en curs’ is a structural programme for primary and secondary schools on film pedagogy. Initiated in 2005 in Catalonia, it currently takes place in Galicia, Madrid, Argentina, Chile and Germany as well. ‘Cinema en curs’ is part of A Bao A Qu, a non-profit cultural association founded in 2004 to promote the enjoyment of art and culture by children and young people of all socioeconomic and geographical backgrounds, with a special dedication to those living in disadvantaged environments.

“A pedagogy proposal of, with and through art must generate movement; connect the here (and now) with there; like desire, imagination. It must maintain and amplify its “project” condition: bring together what it is still unknown and it is dreamt of, being a trace but at the same time a boost. Like emotion, it must be movement and provoke it. The power of an artistic creation activity is not measured in results and efficiency, but with the amount of desires, expectations and aspirations that sparks; it is measured by its capacity of “projecting” itself.

Original Title


16-17 years old School

Institut Moisès Broggi (Barcelona)

Maturity rating