“Our generation has gone through the transition from a small town to a big city, the new concept and the cognition of the native people form the barriers and contradiction, “Wedding” has become one of the most important tipping points in this value conflict. In many folk weddings, families often argue for cultural differences and interests, so there is a lack of beauty in ceremony. Last year I had my own wedding, and it’s dramatic.” - Zhang Xian

U.S. Premiere


Zhang and Shanni are a couple with successful business in Beijing. Zhang is a director of some renown from Shanxi, whose film just won a prize abroad. Shanni is a fashion magazine photographer from Guangdong. They planned to get a marriage certificate in hometown and start a wedding trip, but it was opposed by their families. They were forced to hold a traditional wedding. During the preparation of wedding, Zhang was hailed as a celebrity by the native people, who took advantage of his fame to gain benefits. Besides, the two families never stopped arguing for regional cultural differences. On the wedding day, the TV station made a live broadcast. Zhang has experienced the “characteristics” of his hometown. A series of conceptual struggles, worldly and patriarchal rituals, turned into an absurd farce. Space-time cycle, Zhang and his family choose to respect and understand each other, leading to a totally different result…

About the director:

Zhang Xian

Zhang Xian (Originally name Zhang Wei, a man born on 13 July,1989 in Shanxi, China and graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

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Jin Jingcheng, Jiang Chuyi


Zhang Xian


Zhao Quanlong