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• Austin Film Festival 2020
• Punto de Vista 2021


The short documentary BIG HAPPINESS is an exploration of adoption, identity and the problematic nature of color blindness. We follow Minnesotan filmmaker Dhee Hee Kim, a Korean American adoptee, as she searches for her birth family. In the process she confronts her adoptive parents, who while well intentioned and caring are oblivious to racial dynamics that her daughter has experienced as a minority and immigrant in American society. The movie is structured around awkward dinner conversations with Dhee’s middle class white family. These scenes are juxtaposed with a conversation in another setting with a fellow Korean adoptee. Her friend states: “if you don’t see me as being Asian, which I clearly am, that is problematic. Because the second I step out the door of our home, I am Asian to everyone I come in contact with. I mean ideally that would be Utopia… to be in a color blind, race doesn’t matter, society. But it is not real, it’s not what exists, because unfortunately, everyone judges everyone else on the outer package.” An important reflection on the problematic nature of colorblindness and its link to systemic racism.


Da Hee Kiim, Matthew Koshmrl


United States, South Korea

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